Protect Yourself From Unwanted Critters.

If your property is being frequented by unwelcome guests, let Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC help out!

Fully licensed and insured.

Ask about our humane animal removal techniques to responsibly rid your property of wildlife pests.

Practical and efficient.

If you need to get an animal off your property fast, you can trust Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC to get the job done.

Rouse the roost.

Safely remove bat infestations and prevent their return with our specialized exclusion and removal services. 

Preventative Barriers

Fix Animal Damages.

Stop critter problems before they start.

Safeguard your home from future animal intrusions with the help of our minor repair and installation services.

Indoor and outdoor barrier solutions.

One of the best ways to prevent critters from entering your home is to block their point of access. Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC can install preventative measures to your home, business, or even outdoor structure to eliminate unwanted animal problems.

Keep undesirable animals from coming back.
Stop letting uninvited animals tear up your home with the help of Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC services. Our minor repairs and installations include:

  • Animal proofing and preventative solutions
  • Minor animal damage repairs
  • Chimney cap installation
  • Bathroom vent cover installation
  • Odor control
  • Exclusion screening walls for porches, decks, and sheds

Call A Professional!

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Animal Removal

Approved by the Michigan and Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Our licensed professionals are adept at efficiently and responsibly removing undesirable wildlife from your property. Take advantage of our extensive trapping services to make your home or business a safer place.

Residential and commercial animal removal.

Whether you have a cluster of bats roosting in your attic or an influx of pesky mice chewing through your electrical wires, call Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC. We can not only remove pests and critters, but also install preventative methods to keep them from coming back.

Trapping Services

Big or small, we can handle them all!
Whatever wildlife concerns you're experiencing, Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC can alleviate them.

Protect Your Family.

If there's a wild animal threatening your family's safety, don't hesitate to call Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to remove these animals from your residence and reduce possible risks associated with wildlife.

Graduate of National Wildlife Damage Management Academy.

Trust the state licensed professionals at Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC to safely remove just about any unwanted animal from your home, business, or property. Our animal trapping services include:

















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Bat Exclusion and Removal

Do you know what's
lurking in your attic?

Trust our animal control professionals to exclude and remove bats from your home or business.

Experienced bat eviction.

If your home is plagued by scratching noises and foul odors, you could have a bat infestation. As a graduate of the Northwest Ohio Professional's Bat Workshop and the 2013 Bat Management Workshop, we have the tools you need to safely and humanely eliminate these unwanted pests from your property.

Don't give bats a key to your home.

The bat exclusion and removal process can be lengthy and is best handled by a professional. First, it is important to determine all possible points of entry in your residence before installing a one-way valve opening. This will allow bats to leave their roost without finding a way back in. After we have inspected the area and are certain all bats have been excluded, our professionals will seal up possible entry points to prevent future occurrences.

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